Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Junk yards Indianapolis

Junk Yards Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana-Are you looking for a junkyard to sell your junk car?  Indianapolis Junk Cars is your choice.  We not only pay you cash for your junk car, we will tow your junk car for free.  So don't just call any junk yard, call us first (317) 454-3202

Junk cars Indianapolis


Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Indianapolis Junk Car Prices

Indianapolis Junk Car Prices

Indianapolis, Indiana-Indianapolis junk car prices have dropped a little due to the Covid 19 crisis.  Here is the reason why.  Manufacturing is way down due to many factories being closed.  With factories being down, the demand of steel is down.  It is a simple supply and demand issue right now.  The good news is as the crisis is winding down and manufacturing is winding up, the price of steel will be going up, which will make the price of junk cars go up too.  We are still buying junk cars and paying cash for them with free towing.  Call us for a free quote at (317) 454-3202 or visit our website at   

Junk car prices