Sunday, December 21, 2014

What makes a junk car?

What makes a junk car?

When people find out that I am in the auto recycling industry, I get asked this question all of the time.  It is usually in a different format, something like?  I wrecked my car.  It is a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo, what should I do?  My 1997 Toyota Camry has a bad motor, should I fix it or scrap it?  Well the answer is actually simple.  What is your car worth after it is fixed?  How much would it costs to fix it?  Knowing these two answers should give you the knowledge of whether or not that you should scrap your car or not.  Below is a picture of a 1997 Mercedes S420 that someone decided was a junk car.  You never know what someone is going to consider to be junk.

Indianapolis junk cars

Friday, December 19, 2014

Junk Car Limousine

Junk Car Limousine

This Lincoln Limousine was brought in today as a junk car.  The only reason I am posting a picture of it is to show that eventually every car will become a junk car, even a limousine.  If you have a junk car (or a limousine) to get rid of, call us at (317) 454-3202 for a FREE quote on what we will pay you.

junk cars Indianapolis

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Junk Construction Equipment

Junk Construction Equipment

Many people in Indianapolis wonder where to get rid of old construction equipment like backhoes, tractors, forklifts and front loaders.  We can gladly help you out there.  Just give us a call to see what we will pay you for them (317) 454-3202.  We always pay cash for junk equipment.

scrap forklift

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wrecked Junk Car

Wrecked Junk Car

We not only purchase junk cars, but we purchased wrecked cars too.  Today we picked up this wrecked Chevrolet Envoy.  Obviously this is a totaled out car.  We will buy your junk, wrecked car, pay you cash for your wrecked car and tow it in for free.  Call us at (317) 454-3202 for a FREE quote on what we will pay you for your junk car.

Wrecked junk car Indianapolis

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wrecks-We meet by Accident!

Indianapolis-Wrecks-We meet by Accident!

Anyone that lived in the Indianapolis area in the 1970's, 80's or 90's has looked for either a used car part, used engine or transmission or anything else that would have come out of a junk yards has been to Wrecks north of Indianapolis in Whitestown, Indiana.  Their motto was "Wrecks-We meet by Accident!"  I always thought it was the way a professional junk yard should be ran.  It seemed like that had at least one of every junk car possible in the junk yard.  They had a knowledgeable stuff behind the counter to help you like any current New Auto Parts store would today, the only difference was that you were buying quality used auto parts.  I am not really sure what happened to Wrecks, but they have been out of business for some time.  Today I drove by there on I-65 and you can still see the sign some distance off of the road.  I took a picture though it didn't turn out very good.  Here is the picture. 
I am sorry for the lack of clarity in the picture, but kind of tells you how desolate the place is now.  I am not really sure what happened.  Maybe the increase of the price of junk cars put them out of business, or maybe it was just changing times, or maybe it was all of the Cash for Cars Indianapolis Junk car buyers.  Either way, I will always remember Wrecks.  If you have a junk car to get rid of click on the link Indianapolis Junk Cars or just give us a call at (317) 454-3202 and we will give you a free quote on what we will pay for your junk car or truck.

If you are more interested in Wrecks, Inc.  We meet by accident, you can see this video that was filmed 6 or 7 years ago.  It is pretty interesting.  Here is the link to it on Youtube.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ford Fairlane Convertible Junk Car

Ford Fairlane Convertible Junk Car

This is a mid 60's Ford Fairlane Convertible.  I am sure that in it's day it was one of the most beautiful cars on the road.  Now it is worn out and rusting away to a total junk car.  It is a shame when such a nice car has been let go to the point that it is nothing but a junk car.  However, we do buy them.  Give us a call at (317) 454-3202.

Ford Fairland junk car convertible

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chrysler K Cars

Chrysler K Cars

One of my favorite cars of all time is the mid 80's Chrysler Lebaron Convertible or it's counterpart the Dodge 600 Convertible.  These were little boxey cars, that really made a snazzy convertible.  I have never owned one of these cars, but it is on my dream list to get me one and fix it up someday. 

1988 Dodge Aries K Car
Having said that, I do believe one of the ugliest automobiles every built or produced is the Chrysler K cars.  This includes the Dodge Aries, Chrysler Lebaron and the Dodge 600.  If it wasn't a convertible, it was ugly.  Now, why the rant on K cars today?  Today we actually bought a 1988 Dodge Aries.  Obviously it was a junk car and not worth anything but scrap price.  Here is where the irony comes in.  We actually got 2 more phone calls from people trying to cell there K cars today.  We probably don't buy more than 3 or 4 K cars a year, so to get 3 phone calls from folks trying to sell them makes you wonder what's up.  One of the K cars was actually a Dodge Aries Wagon.  I had forgotten that they made this car in a wagon.  Anyway, it was just a mild walk down memory lane with Dodge, Chrysler and the K car.  Remember, if that K car of yours is a junk car, call us and we will pay you cash for your junk car and tow it in for free.  Thanks for looking and call us at (317) 454-3202 if you need a quote on what we will pay for your junk car.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Merry Christmas from Indianapolis Junk Cars

Merry Christmas from Indianapolis Junk Cars

At Indianapolis Junk Cars, we would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.  If you need some extra money for the holidays please keep us in mind and call us to haul off that junk car of yours.  We pay top dollar for your junk cars and we always pay in cash.

tow junk cars

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wrecked Cars, Icy Roads in Indianapolis

This morning in Indianapolis we all woke up to really icy roads.  Normally this time of year the roads aren't too bad yet, but this is Indiana, there are always exceptions when it comes to the weather.  Anyway if you became a victim of these icy roads today and you wrecked your car, we can help.  We buy junk cars.  We can even pay more on later model cars.  We can come out to your house, garage or body shop and pay you cash and tow your car away for FREE.  We can pick your car up at Auto Return in Indianapolis at Morris and Belmont too.  Our shop is only about 12 minutes away from Auto Return, so we can usually meet you there right away.  Call us at (317) 454-3202 to get a FREE estimate on what we will pay for your junk cars

Indianapolis Junk Cars!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Abandoned Junk Cars Indianapolis

If you live in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, Brownsburg or surrounding areas, we’ll dispatch one of our tow trucks to pick up your car and bring you your cash. Indianapolis Junk Cars eliminates concerns about repair expenses or diminished value of your car. Plus, there are no hidden costs and no towing charges. Just fill out our simple forms.
We Buy Indianapolis, IN damaged, junk, wrecked or abandoned cars!
Do you live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have a damaged car or a car with mechanical problems? Why not sell it? Indianapolis Junk Cars has been buying Indiana damaged cars since 1998. We buy cars after collision damage, flood or storm damage, theft damage, mechanical problems or vandalism. Indianapolis Junk Cars makes it easy to sell your damaged car and get money for it without delay. Simply fill out our forms and you’ll receive a quote the very same day. 

Abandoned cars Indianapolis

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kevin Ward Jr., and Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart has made many junk cars in his racing career.  He has often been the center of controversy many times over.  His anger and hardcore win at all costs has made him many fans and many haters.  I am not a fan of Tony Stewart, however I am a fan of his hard driving style.  I am a fan of the fact he is a true racer and not just a marketing machine.  He will race anything on 4 wheels (maybe even 2).  He will take any race car and get more out of it than it has to offer.  He has continually gave back to the sport of racing.  Do I believe that Tony Stewart intentionally killed Kevin Ward Jr.?  Absolutely not.  I also believe that anyone that truly believes that he did, has never sat in a race car in their whole life.  This was a tragedy.  Say a prayer for Kevin Ward Jr. and his family.  Say a prayer for Tony Stewart.  Now lets allow all of them to get back to some normalcy, or at least as much as it can.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Local Junk Car Listings

Local Junk Car Listings

This is Junk car listing for Indianapolis Junk Cars

Worldwide / United States / Indianapolis, IN / Auto Repair / Indianapolis Junk Cars - Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Junk Cars
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3608 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203, United States
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Indianapolis Junk Cars Indianapolis
About Indianapolis Junk Cars
We are Indianapolis's #1 Junk car buyer. (317) 454-3202. Call us and we will give you a free quote on what we will pay for your junk cars. Not only do we buy junk cars in Indianapolis, we Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Brownsburg, Lebanon, Greenfield, McCordsville, Noblesville, Avon, Plainfield, Mooresville and other Indianapolis surrounding areas. We always pay cash for junk cars and tow junk cars for free. If you have an abandoned car, give us a call. We will take care of it. Call us before you call any other junk yards, in Indianapolis or salvage yards. We pay top dollar. We pay cash for your junk cars and junk trucks in Indianapolis. Same day service. Scrap your junk car with Indianapolis Junk Cars. We are Indianapolis best auto recycler.


Payment Options: Cash.

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M-Su 24hr (We answer our phone 24 hours a day/7 days a week)
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Scrap your junk car in Indianapolis

Scrap your junk car in Indianapolis

Cash for your junk cars

Junk Cars Indianapolis

Sell us your junk cars in Indianapolis

  We want to buy your junk cars!

Call us first (317) 454-3202

We pay you cash for junk cars!

 Do you have a nice late model wrecked car?  Or how about a newer car with a junk engine?  Or even one that still runs?  Call us first.  We pay top dollar for these kind of vehicles.
for a free over the phone quote on what we can pay you for your junk cars or truck.

Or fill out the form below for your FREE price quote.

Free Online Quote
Please fill this form out as completely as possible to get the most accurate quote for what we can pay for your junk car in the Indianapolis area.
First Name:
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Indianapolis junk cars

Junk Cars Indianapolis
3608 Southeastern Ave Indianapolis, Indiana 46203
Phone: (317) 454-3202
Many people wonder how to choose the right company to buy their used or junk cars Indianapolis.  (317) 454-3202 . They want to know what makes us different from the other junk cars buyers in the Indianapolis area.  The one thing that sets Junk Cars Indianapolis apart is all we do is buy junk and running cars.  We have several junk yards or salvage yards in the Indianapolis area that we deal with.  We also deal with several used car lots and car dealers in the Indianapolis area that buy both junk cars Indianapolis and running cars.  We are constantly in contact with all of them to know exactly what inventory they are needing at any given time.  This enables us to pay you the most money for your junk car or junk truck.  We do buy both junk cars and running cars in the Indianapolis area (this includes Carmel, Brownsburg, Fishers, Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Greenfield and the whole Indianapolis metro area).  As a matter of fact we love running cars.  You can call us and have us come out and make you a "no obligation" cash offer for your car or truck.  We are the place to get rid of your junk cars in Indianapolis.  It don't matter if your junk car don't have wheels, or if your junk car has been wrecked, or if your junk car don't run.  We will pay you top dollar for your junk car in Indianapolis.

Junk Cars Indianapolis

Use us to scrap your junk car for cash in Indianapolis.  We are the top company to use in Indiana to junk your car.

Abandoned junk car Indianapolis

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Indianapolis Cash for Junk Cars

Indianapolis Cash for Junk Cars

Tel: (317)454-3202

About Us


Indianapolis Cash for Junk Cars
We will pay you cash for your junk or running car.  We are an automobile recycler.  What does this mean?  First and foremost we are dedicated to the community of Indianapolis and the Metro areas surrounding Indianapolis.  We help clean up your neighborhoods by getting those junk and broke down cars off of the street, out of the back yards and out of the driveways.  We also buy many running cars.  A very high percentage of our cars actually end up back on the street after being checked out by our specialized mechanics.  The cars and trucks that don't make it back on the street get set out in the junk yard and the used auto parts off of them get sold and keep other cars running that otherwise would become junk cars.  Give us a call and let us tell you how much we will give you for your junk car or truck.  We do pay cash for your car.

We pay cash for your car or truck.
When we pick up your junk or running car or truck, we will pay you cash and tow away your car for free.  We offer free quotes on what we will pay you for your junk truck or car.  Give us a call at (317) 454-3202

serve you.

Why Choose Us

We Love Cars-We Love People

We wake up in the morning excited to go to work.  Everyday is different, every car is different.  We enjoy the different people that we meet and enjoy working with so many different cars and trucks.

Leave it to Us

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your car or truck is in the best of hands.  Let us handle all of the paper work and properly process your junk car.  We will pay you top cash for your junk cars.

We Truly Care

We care about the communities that we serve.  We are proud to get old junk cars off the street and turn them into real cash that you can spend.  Not only do we pay cash for cars in Indianapolis, but we serve Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Greenfield, Fortville, Pendleton, Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Wanamaker, Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, Lebanon, Plainfield and all other surrounding communities.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of what kind of car or truck you have.  We pay top dollar.

Indianapolis cash for junk cars


"My car broke down on the way to work.  I knew that it would costs more to fix my car than it was worth.  Basically, it was a junk car.  I was broke down on I-465 with cars whizzing by.  I called Indianapolis Cash for Junk Cars and they were there in 30 minutes.  They paid me cash for my car and took me to work.  They didn't charge me for the tow or the ride at all.  These guys are the best." Dave, Indianapolis
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Scrap cars

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

St Louis Trailer Tires and Wheels

St Louis

Trailer Tires and Wheels

700 West 4th St., Eureka, MO 63025
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

Call us today for specials @ (636) 346-1772

ST205/75D15 6PLY tire mounted on silver or white mod 5lug 5 on 4-1/2" bolt diameter
wheels for:
$105 each
$100 each for 2
$95 each for 4 or more
+ tax
Installation and old tire & wheel disposal available.
While supplies last on in stock items.
ST205/75D 14 LRC 6 ply trailer tire mounted on 5 lug 4-1/2" bolt pattern silver mod wheel.
Cash and carry price $99.
Trade in your used tires & wheels and buy for $90 each when you buy 2 or more
(old tires are subject to disposal fee)
I can install on your trailer for a minimal fee.
ST205/75D15 6PLY tire mounted on CHROME COMET 5lug 5 on 4-1/2" bolt diameter
wheels for:
$110 each
$105 each for 2
$100 each for 4 or more
+ tax
Installation and old tire & wheel disposal available.
While supplies last on in stock items.
ST205/75R15 RADIAL 6PLY tire mounted on CHROME COMET 5lug 5 on 4-1/2" bolt diameter
wheels for:
$120 each
$115 each for 2
$110 each for 4 or more
+ tax
Installation and old tire & wheel disposal available.
While supplies last on in stock items.