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Machine Shop Indianapolis

Machine Shop Indianapolis
Certified AutomotiveMachine Shop Indianapolis  

Machine Shop Indianapolis

Machine Shop Indianapolis
Certified Automotive Machine Shop and Services2422 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201
(317) 632-3404

Machine Shop Indianapolis
Certified Automotive features the most complete shop in Indianapolis,  Whether you are wanting some machine work done on your engine, or you are wanting a complete engine built from scratch, Certified is your source.  Our machine shop can rebuild your stock motor or build you a complete racing engine.  Let our 40 years plus of experience work for your.
Our services include,

Complete engine rebuilds
Bore and Hone
Hot tank
Install Cam bearings
Install Freeze plugs
Sleeve block
Deck Block
Align Hone Block
Clearance Block for Stroker motors
Remove and replace pistons
Turn crank
Polish Crank
Balance Rotating Assembly
Polish and Check Crank
Install heavy metal on crank
Recondition Rods
Valve jobs
3 Angle Valve Jobs
Mill Head
Straighten Aluminum Head
Magna Flux Head
Magna Flux Block
Clean Heads

We will gladly do custom machine work.
The Fast Turn Around In Indy

Call us for pricing on any machine work you may need!
(317) 632-3404
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