Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kevin Ward Jr., and Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart has made many junk cars in his racing career.  He has often been the center of controversy many times over.  His anger and hardcore win at all costs has made him many fans and many haters.  I am not a fan of Tony Stewart, however I am a fan of his hard driving style.  I am a fan of the fact he is a true racer and not just a marketing machine.  He will race anything on 4 wheels (maybe even 2).  He will take any race car and get more out of it than it has to offer.  He has continually gave back to the sport of racing.  Do I believe that Tony Stewart intentionally killed Kevin Ward Jr.?  Absolutely not.  I also believe that anyone that truly believes that he did, has never sat in a race car in their whole life.  This was a tragedy.  Say a prayer for Kevin Ward Jr. and his family.  Say a prayer for Tony Stewart.  Now lets allow all of them to get back to some normalcy, or at least as much as it can.