Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Scrap My Car-Indianapolis

Scrap My Car-Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana-Are you looking to scrap your car in the Indianapolis area?  There are several junk car buyers in the Indianapolis area to consider when selling your junk car.  The obvious thing to consider is what price will you get paid for your junk car.  At Indianapolis Junk Cars, we pride ourselves on being on of the best paying cash junk car buyers in the Indy area.  Many companies will offer you a great price via email or on the phone, but when they get to your home, they offer you much less.  At Indianapolis Junk Cars, we pay you what we offer you on the phone.  We don't play games.  How much is it going to costs to get your junk car towed to the junkyard?  At Indianapolis Junk Cars, we offer free towing.  How are you going to get paid?  Some places will pay you with a check, which then you cash it and wait for it to clear, in some instances, they don't.  We always pay you cash on the spot when we pick up your junk car.   How prompt it the company.  After all, you don't want to wait around for a few days for a tow truck driver to show up.  We pride ourselves on our promptness.  As a matter of fact, the tow truck driver will call you right before he leaves to head to your home or business to pick up your junk car.  Is this the company that you want around your home or family.  We are the most reputable junk car buyer in Indianapolis.  Call us for your junk car buying needs.  (317) 454-3202 or visit our website at 

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