Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Selling a junk car in Indianapolis

Selling a junk car in Indianapolis

Indianapolis-if you are trying to sell a junk car in the Indianapolis area there are a few rules you should follow.  First of all, if at all possible, locate the title for your junk car.  You should have the title in your hands before you even call a potential junk car buyer.  Don't just "think" you know where the title is for your junk car, make sure that you know.  If you don't have a title, your Indianapolis junk car buyer can direct your to where you need to call to sell a junk car with no title.  Only have one junk car buyer come at a time.  It is ok to shop, but don't have 3 or 4 junk car buyers coming at once.  This is how these guys make a living.  Don't try to add to their expenses unnecessarily.  Make up your mind if you are going to sell your junk car before you even start calling junk car buyers.  Don't be rude when you call a junk car buyer.  This will get you nowhere.  These guys are just doing their job.  If you have any more junk car buying questions, just call us.  (317) 454-3202. 

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